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Health Benefits of Sea buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn,  also referred to as the holy Himalayan fruit is nature’s bounty in disguise. This highly balanced fruit has incredible nutritive qualities and is packed with an array of wholesome benefits. Some call it the Wonder Berry based on its diverse nutritional profile comprising of 190 compounds together with a range of omega fatty acids.

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from either the fruit pulp or its seed.

This extract is widely sold across the health industry because of its vitamins and antioxidants. In fact researchers are glued to the benefits of Sea buckthorn oil as it is a rich a source of Omega 7 fatty acids which are a relatively new thing on the nutrient study block.  Fatty acids are important for the proper functioning of human brain, organ tissues, cardiovascular system, skin and a number of other body functions. Omega 7 is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties which work as a savior against degenerative diseases.  The Sea buckthorn berry has a yellowish or somewhat orange-red appearance and is usually sour in taste. The extract is commercially used in cosmetics, jellies, ice creams, sport drinks and supplements apart from medicines. Rich in macro as well as micronutrients, the berry shields our physical wellness.

There are numerous unique benefits of Sea buckthorn oil, some of which are summed up below:

1. Anti-Inflammatory –  Systemic inflammation is notably reduced with the constant intake of Sea buckthorn oil. Three months of supplementation has brought forth incredible results.
2. Menopause Support-  Omega 7 fatty acids found in this berry work wonders for the mucosal membrane layers found inside the human body. These benefits of sea buckthorn oil extend to genital and digestive system as well. Omega-7 helps retain moisture and can therefore reduce menopause problems to a great level.
3. Eye care-  Those who suffer from red and dry eyes must consume Seabuckthorn oil for relief. The anti-inflammatory and moisture retaining ability of this fruit can radically heal such eye problems.
4. Preventing Ulcers and healing GERD-  Ulcers and GERD are two very common stomach ailments .A lot of people consume medicines in order to control indigestion and reflux. But on a natural note, benefits of Sea buckthorn oil components can help soothe tissues of the digestive track and heal conditions like GERD and ulcers.
5. Preventing liver damage-  The anti-oxidants present in this wonder berry act as a potent agent fighting against any sort of liver damage. The hepatoprotective activity undertaken by the agents in Sea buckthorn oil diminish any possibilities of liver problems.
6. Cardiovascular Health-  The oil from Sea buckthorn potentially reduces cholesterol levels in blood and hence protects against heart ailments. The extract is known to improve cardio vascular functioning and is the perfect potion for a healthy heart.
7. Weight Management-  Consumption of Sea buckthorn oil has positive effects on obese patients and helps systematize metabolic functioning of the body.Omega-7 fats present in the berry inhibit fat deposition within the body.
8. Skin Health-  The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property is one of the benefits of Sea buckthorn oil which makes it a favorite for those who love to flaunt that healthy looking skin. It is because of this that a lot of cosmetic companies add this berry to their ingredient list. The anti-oxidants found in Sea buckthorn promote skin elasticity and hydration resulting in a more youthful appearance.
9. Wound healing-  This is one among several benefits of sea buckthorn oil. The regenerative properties of Sea buckthorn promote quick wound healing. The oil can be applied directly on the skin for great results. Even burn wounds can be cured with the topical application of Sea buckthorn oil.
10. Fight diabetes-  The benefits of Sea buckthorn oil extend to those suffering with diabetes. The berry helps keep a check on blood sugar levels and safeguards against type 2 diabetes. As per studies, adding Sea buckthorn to a diabetic’s meal radically controls the upsurge of sugar levels post meal.
If you need to supplement your dietary routine with something rich and nutritious then a great option at hand is Sea buckthorn oil. The anti-oxidants, omega fats and other compounds found in this fruit will not only add to your well-being but will also protect you against several physical ailments and conditions. Right from improved skin texture to improvements in nails, hair and immune system, this little berry has been making waves across the beauty and wellness industry. So make a healthy decision by incorporating this wonder fruit to your daily regime and witness the way your body changes to welcome a happier and youthful new you.

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